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By: Becky Esker, President, Get Organized! LLC

Spring is here, the grass is turning green and itís garage sale time.

After the cold, snowfall ridden winter, you are probably feeling heavy from the winter weight.  What better way to shed some weight than to get rid of some stuff within your house? Preparing for a garage sale can be a lot of work but having a plan can make the task much easier. So grab an empty box and letís go!

1)      Go through each of your clothes closets, one-by-one, item-by-item.  Pull out all items that no longer fit, you donít like, or need repair. Toss the items that are of good used quality into the box.  If they need repairing, either repair it or toss it in the trash. Donít hang onto something ďyou might do when you get around to it.Ē Thatís simply hanging onto clutter.

2)      Go through each kitchen cupboard, item-by-item.  Pull out all items you have not used in the past year, do not have immediate plans to use, or are duplicate items. Toss these items in your box. (If you need a bigger box, good for you, keep going!)

3)      Repeat the same process with every other closet, cupboard, drawer, and pile shoved throughout your home. Donít forget the garage and basement.

4)      Find a big empty spot in your home, grab some pricing tags, a pen, and start pricing each item. For easier pricing, simply affix a colored dot to each item with each different color representing a different price. For example, all green dots are 50 cents, all red dots are $1.00 and so on. (If using the dot system be sure to prominently display a sign at your sale that explains your dot system.) 

Now itís time to tell the world you have some treasures for sale.

Classified ads are still a great market for advertising your sale.  Be sure to allow plenty of time to design your ad and meet the publishing deadline. Since newspapers tend to charge by the number of words, take time to carefully create your ad to make the most impact with the least amount of words. 


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Becky Esker is a Certified Professional Organizer, owner of Get Organized! LLC, speaker and the forthcoming author of "2 Minutes to Organization: The Simplest Way to Get Organized."

Ms. Esker is available for local, regional, and national professional speaking engagements, seminars, retreats, and trainings. She is an experienced, energetic, and dynamic nationwide speaker. As a certified professional organizer and entrepreneur, Ms. Esker possesses specialized expertise in Chronic Disorganization, Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client, and Business Productivity Management. As an author and instructor, Ms.Esker is uniquely suited to create custom tailored results-driven presentations that engage and inform the audience while addressing today's hot topics in the business, corporate, personal, and residential organizing arena.  She is a regular contributor to The Edge Business Magazine and City Revealed.




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